How to Shop on a Budget in Covid-19


                How to Shop on a Budget in Covid-19

It has been doing rounds for many years. Since, we all need to save that extra amount of hard earned money to ensure our survival in situations like the current crisis Covid-19. Hope, this year would pass with the availability of medicine . Coming to our topic of the day.

Here are these 05 Simple tricks to shop on a Budget.

1.Online Purchase

 Always choose Online shopping sites, like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio now a days doing good rounds. The reason is simple you will find the best stuff with reasonable pricing . These websites will always be running with special offers and plans to attract customers.

2.Shop in Discount Stores

 Choose the local market near you. Go and visit them to find the latest trending stuff available in and around city and prefer the discount outlets. But, still do protect yourself by maintaining social distance and wearing the safety gear mask and use the sanitizer.

3.Purchase the Raw Material.

Purchasing the raw material is not the ideal choice as many of us are not fuly aware of the process involved in it to make it our our daily needs. But, this should ultimately serve our purpose of saving money .

Any where the raw products are comparatively cheaper the finished goods. If you're goal is accomplished by just making slight changes in your purchase will definitely be appreciated. All that depends on the purpose and the time involved.

3. Use Cash

20th Century and using the same old method of paying with cash seems unrealistic nowadays . But, if you do wanna save that extra buck , then use cash. We often prefer paying through credit cards which might burn your pocket around the due date. It's our basic tendency of humans to get attracted to things even when we do not require them.

5. How to Use Vouchers

Do you have a Voucher Code and want to redeem your discount? 

Yes, we all might have seen this or read this on internet or even asked by the beautiful counter cashier before billing. Have to ever thought, how successful people even today use the gift voucher and coupons. Even the celeb's do use these minions to help them with their purchase. Do not forget to save those voucher for a rainy day.

Hoping that these simple steps will make a lot of difference in your future shopping experience.

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