Top 5 Must Have Trendy Ladies Accessories in 2020

      Trending Ladies Accessories in 2020 Why it has become so essential now a days for every individual, aging very young as kids to people of old age donning the day to day accessories. Here are the list of 5 must have trendy Ladies accessories in 2020. 1.Wallets It would not be wrong to tell that even today many ladies still use the most underrated wallets bags, that do not get a chance to get updated with the new ones. For example, think about you are at a nice restaurant with the most beloved person of your life, a date with him and at the end of the Lunch/Dinner. Would, you be just choosing the same old fashionable dried and torn out dull shaded wallet to pay the bill. How, horrible it would be you to imagine that date; even before its time. Some suggestions are mentioned with the new collection available. This is the first Accessory that every woman should have of different occasions.   2.Hand bags The women always feel comfortable holding an handbag. From School to collage, Wor

How to Shop on a Budget in Covid-19

                             How to Shop on a Budget in Covid-19 It has been doing rounds for many years. Since, we all need to save that extra amount of hard earned money to ensure our survival in situations like the current crisis Covid-19. Hope, this year would pass with the availability of medicine . Coming to our topic of the day. Here are these 05 Simple tricks to shop on a Budget. 1.Online Purchase  Always choose Online shopping sites, like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio now a days doing good rounds. The reason is simple you will find the best stuff with reasonable pricing . These websites will always be running with special offers and plans to attract customers. 2.Shop in Discount Stores  Choose the local market near you. Go and visit them to find the latest trending stuff available in and around city and prefer the discount outlets. But, still do protect yourself by maintaining social distance and wearing the safety gear mask and use the sanitizer. 3.Purchase the R